Unicorns and other creatures.

Ender, Chaotic Rangerto Sorcerer Strongbow

Has it occurred to you that not all Unicorns are governed by the same rules? Not all animals are the same, not all creatures are cut from the same cloth.

Unicorns are not made by moral hand, they are not found naturally in the wild, they are a gift from the gods and as such are created by the gods. In the same way that not all gods are the same, I fail to see why all their creations should be identica

l. I've seen unicorns in many shapes and sizes, they are not all the same shape nor size, some appear as Water Drakes others as flying broomsticks.

I suspect, if you aren't happy with your divine gift you should try taking it back to whomever you got it from. I'm not sure Olympus has a customer service department, so Goodluck.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Ilmarael, in the year 1091.