First of all astynax did not call me for assistance, when I see a citymate die outside of a challenge I do my

best to help them. In this case however I hadn't even realized that astynax was a citymate having never heard of

him before, it was all the drivel the two of you were shouting that made me decide to check. after realizing

that astynax was safe I was fully prepared to just go about my business, but no more mindless blather hit my ears

and I finally decided just to go and shut the two of you up. Now as for the teaming accusations I can assure you

that any teaming was purely coincidental. If it would ease your mind at all I'll glad accept a duel from the

both of you. so you can have a try at teaming me

otherwise take the lesson you were given, kill thakrians, get killed by thakrians.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Mournsend, in the year 1091.