Mists and defences to jabbing.

Those two indeed are related, though in a way both thou and Fistandantilus missed.

The reason mists are a decided advantage for Mages, Fistandantilus, is because they do not have to do anything for their best skills to continue working.

They would be a similar advantage for Sorcerers with many demons. Mages have to enter less commands less frequently. Especially against knights, where one command entered every 10 seconds or so will prevent pretty much everything they can do with on

e command, they are a huge advantage. Constricting mists have certainly been the deciding factor in almost every fight of mine with a competent mage.

The mage does about as much damage as he ever does, while the opponent fumbles to string two commands together.

On another note: jabjabing pentacle and malloran hits the malloran; scythejabbing pentacle and malloran scythes the pentacle and hits the malloran. In general, stringing sj on the end of any jj macro is a Bad Idea (tm).

Lord Arthor, who thinks people's hands should fall off after an hour of blocking sword blades.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Mournsend, in the year 1091.