My *skill*.

Considering I don't use or use and abuse stockrooms, like you, I find it fascinating that you even mention my using the pool as a sole place of safety.

And I think you'll find that I never said that the ritual should not be used, but rather considering you self belief of being the 'best in class', you use it rather to often. The only reason you use it is because you are at deaths door - match that a

nd the frequency of using the skill - what does it tell you ? I will freely admit that you have mastered its use and should be congratulated on said fact.

And back to running to the pool...Have I ever ran to the pool against you alone? I'm desperately trying to think of these supposed occasions, but can't alas, unless of course it's because you've camped your rituals directly outside, in which case, it

's hardly a run, more a roll.

I also wonder why you fight so much in your guild and therefore allow pills to be made, denying your smaller guild members the protection a guild should ideally provide. It's no surprise that so many Thakrians lurk in stockrooms when such 'old and wi

se' Thakrians such as yourself are all they can look up to. Quite simply, you're an arrogant, big headed, self centered petard.

All the best,


p. s. It's amusing that someone with the experience you have of a variety of professions has to resort to telling people without said experience of the game and without all ults etc that they should know what you know. Have a think about it ;-)

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1091.