Finbar, of Springdaleto Matthew, Vengeful Warlock

I know for you and your associated stock dwelling teamers the concept of actually

fighting on your own in a mutual challenge is difficult to comprehend. While

engaged in a mutual challenge with me, you called out to Kodiak for a portal

out of the mists where I had stategicaly placed you to watch you fullparry yourself

into a frenzy. Now, so you understand -- when you engage in a mutual challenge

the idea is that you actually depend only upon yourself and your skills to

win or -- as the case is with you, lose.

Also, though im not sure if you requested it, your little friend to the east whose

sole interactin with the land is to hide in fields and stocks while stealing bonds

in teams bathed you after i had killed you not once, not twice but three times, the

last death actually being the conclusion of the challenge.

I may be mistaken, but it was my understanding that you are not entiled to any

such assistance such as baths or resurections, after the conclusion of a challenge.

I -- being able to resurect - never resurect another after a challenge unless the

winner agrees.

In the future, stay in your guild in an av rit as that seems to be your only

real skill. That way, of course you wont die to jegga.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Leaflost, in the year 1090.