A question of characters.

Ender, Chaotic Rangerto Loremaster Yairi

Dare I say that this has somewhat more todo with an inderviduals character than the skills they have at their disposal? Lets look at the personality type of a member of the loremasters profession, while everyone is different their should be some comm

on characteristics?

\"Those who choose to become a Loremaster tend to be the creators, the makers and the practical folk... Alchemists are not combat orientated, though many are brave... An Alchemist is an individual craftsman trained in specific arts of creation..... T

hey provide services for the other guilds, earn gold and fortify their friends from harm. \"

Those comments were taken from HELP LOREMASTER and as such you could argue they are somewhat of a template for members of the profession.

Which leads onto the next point, are Rangers and Bandits (the primary poison retailers) by their very nature the sort of people who should be running shops and stocking stalls with poisons for sale?

My personal view is that Rangers should not on the whole be driven and motivated by a lust for gold and therefore should not dedicate themselves to running a shop and making money. You could also argue that the concept that while a bandit should be d

riven by a lust for gold it should not be gained via lawful methods.

I've always felt that its a shame to force a solution via rules imposed upon us from the gods, when a little roleplay can get the same results.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 1088.