Apparently you missed the point.

Finbar, Spirit of the Stagto Maiya, Queen of Sirens

Be clear about this --- I do not know you outside of this realm, and in fact, know

little of you inside of it save for your posts. The point of my post was not

directed to your real life issues. Whether you have any or not is of no concern

to me. I spoke only about your choices in this realm -- apparent from your postings.

So you do not miss the point again, I will try as best as I can, to articulate it

clearly for you. To complain about your life in this realm is of not use if you

are unwilling to look to yourself for the change. Your choices here, DEFINE, your

experience here. That is what my point was. That this truth also applies to

other worlds, in other times, is not a surprise. This is why they are called

universal truths.

I mean no offence by my words Maiya. It is my encouragement to you, because, as

I indicated, I can sympathize with how you feel, as I have felt the same at times.

Regardless, I have come to realize that it is my choices that define my path, and

not the choices of others. I only wished to share it with you. Perhaps my breath

has been wasted.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1079.