Don't waste your breath.

Maiya, Queen of Sirensto Finbar, Spirit of the Stag

You don't know me outside of this realm, nor do you have any right to think that

my sufferings in here are in direct correlation with my life outside.

You postulate that my grievances in here MUST be because something horrible has

happened to me in my real life.

You naive child.

Should I look to myself to blame when a close relative of mine dies? Does my

suffering from their death insinuate any blame on my part whatsoever? When in your

juvenile mind did you come up with the conclusion that it is solely I who demand

fairness from Avalon? Did you not just state in your post that you feel as I do?

Why don't you make yourself known by speaking out instead of attacking somebody

because they say a naughty bad word every once in awhile. Its absolutely

hilarious to me to see Thakrians get away with stripping lw's, yet I say the 'f'

word once and I get a disfavour. Look, if the Gods want this to be a 'medieval'

style role-playing game than let them specify what can and cannot be said.

This is an adult-style rpg, and I am using mature rated language. If you need

to cover your eyes and go to bed early, Finbar, than by all means please do.

My language is the least of problems.

Eloquently yours,


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1079.