Father Cimaresto Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinae

You've just proved you know nothing of History Dunccan.

Helping the Divine. Hmm, I think that would possibly be the 3 ordination quests that I've attended. Have you fought a Gem quest Dunccan? Do you understand what it is to support a mortal during the final quest in the search for the Soul of a God.

Can you even comprehend what its like to be a part something that big? To stand by the side of the mortal as they throw the eternal Gem into the pool atop the rock pinnacle.

Have you ever stood in the combined presence of at least 8 of Avalons Gods as the Lord of Time bestows the ultimate gift upon a mortal presence?

No, I didn't think you had, we ll believe me.it gets better every time and I don't think theres many in Avalon still active today that can remember the 4 ordinations I've been part of.

So you may spout all your rhetoric at me as much as you want. I may be a lousy fighter now, in fact I don't even claim to be a fighter now, but when called upon to defend my city or my Patrons honour then I will fight till my last ounce of essence is

gone and my status reverts to newborn.

Oh and as for wars, as a Thakrian Seer, I alone caused the death of 25,000 Springdalians at the hands of Parrian fighters with a mere illusion, an act that caused merriment for the gods and a variety of divine rewards for myself.

Nowadays, I may be less of a mortal than I was back then, but I shall always be here, giving council where its needed to my friends, influencing Avalon in more ways than the tip of your sword ever will. And I shall still live on when your body is dust

and memory a mere ripple in the ocean that is Avalon.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1079.