challenges and stockrooms.

I just want to point something out to you, you are always complaining that your enemies will not accept challenges or duels even when you issue duels to multiple enemies at once. Then when you do catch them outside they run to stockrooms. Yet yester

day when flagg signed on and attacked you I watched you high-tail it to where? Thats right a stockroom, Then flagg issued a challenge and a thunderous silence emanated from you.

Now I know what your next response will be, one will be to call me a hypocrite because I spend alot of time in stockrooms (I'm still a bit paranoid from the Avalon Seer Trials) and two you will point out that eventually you did come out and got teamed

, well the way I see your best way to avoid getting teamed would have been to accept the challenge in the first place.

Tleilaxu, For Thakria, For Magic, and For The Seers

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1078.