Double Standards.

Fantastic Mr Foxedupto Ender, Thakrian Ranger

I am sure nobody has said to you that there is a treaty/agreement/whatever you want to call it pertaining to attacks while seers are doing stone work, so i can only assume this little outburst is because of our conversation 10 minutes ago.

For people that werent there and incase you have forgotten Ender, I asked you why you had such double standards. The reason I asked the question is because you had sent a message to me saying that you would not attack seers while at stone work, but th

en in complete contradiction, you try and jump me while i am doing just that. My comments had nothing to do with any treaty, only a bond made by you to me, which you are now trying to go back on by saying that the message had a wrong word in it. But E

nder how could you forget that you sent the same message twice on two seperate occasions. How pathetic!

Now the whole stockroom scenario, I took liberty of copying my enw list for everyone. This was taken while you were in the bb writing your message

Kodiak, Loom-inary At: The Weaver Store of Thakria.

Zenichiro, Master of Lore At: Cafe kitchens.

Athena, Queen of the Damned At: Thakria magic shop storeroom.

The Angel of Death At: Thakria magic shop storeroom.

Gaar At: Stable loft.

Fateless Fractell, the Vengeful Thakrian At: 0 of Thakrian Armourer.

Sorcerer Raule, The Devils Own At: Thakria magic shop storeroom.

Gaar is in a challenge with India at the moment, so as you can see, the whole of my enemies list bar zenichiro are sat in stock rooms, yet you drone on about how seers never leave them. I think you can see that actually not many people leave them full

stop. And indeed you have got to be one of the worst offenders, sat in your tree or being catted.

Now onto challenges, I do accept your challenges Ender on a fairly frequent basis. Not as often as you issue them i admit, but there is a simple reason for that. I find it very good fun listening to the crap you come out with to try and get me to figh

t. I find it even more fun bonding to 250 while you are doing it as i know how much it winds you up.

I dont know why i have bothered to post as i should no better than to expect anything more than double standards from you, but hey i guess its cus i didnt want you tarring my profession with a brush that i dont feel it deserves


Written by my hand on the 28th of Paglost, in the year 1078.