The Bi-Annual Mr. Cheap Award!.

Well its that time of year again folks!!!

when all of us here in Avalon try our hardest to be as cheap as possible to

beat our enemies! And what better example of this is shown by 'Sir' Lancelot

of the Thakrian nation.

It was a close call, with Mohrion constantly punching the Angel of Death and then

ordering him to slay again, thus nullifying ultimate Scholarship completely.

But not even he in all his cheap powers could stop the almighty Amadeus who

spent the most time behind dp only to bond SOI and run to his barracks or stock-

room whenever someone tried to traverse! This novel idea was topped only

by the all-powerful Seer Dirl who won the award a record 3 times in a row!

Coming in fourth place behind Lancelot, Mohrion and Amadeus is Loremaster

Drasnia. Not only was this a hard decision, being that this proud man planned

the invasion of springtown, only to move to thakria straight afterwards and

essence 15-18 hours a day in his holy sanctum to apparently provide his entire

city with more rare poisons than any thief or ranger has ever seen.

The list is just way too long, people, so only the top 5 may be mentioned.

In last place, we welcome a new-comer to the List of Lame: Joely.

Oh wait... that's really nothing new being as the list was invented specifically

for him. He earned a place this first half of the year though, for giving

ahem, rather, 'sneaking' gold coins onto little thakrians who obviously can't

see the bug runes attached to them. Check all your gold coins Mercinae!

Or get used to that superskill known as bug banish! One of you might actually

learn to master it!

Well once again, many thanks go out to all who participated this year. The

next 6 months should be difficult to top off what Lancelot pulled, though, to

reach number 1. After issuing a challenge to him after a horribly failed

jump attempt by him onto me, he refused and sat in a stockroom to finish essencing,

only to come into a one-on-one battle Mohrion and I were having and use

phoroz/nann every single jj to get the cheapest kill this year.

Oh yes, Drasnia's staves were hanging around Path Entrance as all LoreMasters

love to just leave them out there all day long which helped with the kills as well.

If I missed any kills this half year that perhaps ranked in the top 5, I apologize.

There are so many cheap kills, it is simply too hard to keep track of them all.

Perhaps a committee may form in order to monitor them all. But remember people,

if you want to be lame! Make sure you do it when a God is on otherwise it just

really doesn't get noticed! Oh wait..... perhaps no. Doing it when a God is NOT

on actually adds Lame Points! So much for that idea *ho ho ho*!

Once again, a very raucous applaud to Sir Lancelot and the rest of you who

placed! The Golden Limp Penis trophy is now hanging from Lancelot's neck! Let's

see if he can defend it these next 6 months and remain the King of Droopydick!

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Paglost, in the year 1076.