Archmage Fistandantilusto Kal Zakath

Zakath, I think you know that my post is meant mainly in jest, for one. But disregarding that, I have dueled you, and the one time I did I did manage a kill on you. I do refuse to duel people when on 870 health and without equipment, for to duel someo

ne is not a simple gesture.

Losing a duel as a mage, you lose at least 2 levels. I have offered you challenges, and you've not responded to them, saying that I'd have friends jump you at the end, something that I am surely know for being directly opposed to.

ignorance full I fight you in a duel, it is because I have the quipment to fight my best. Otherwise I'm not gonna duel you, easy as that. There's no point in losing such a drastic amount of health without having prepared oneself fully. To lose because

of prowess is one thing, to lose by being unprepared is simply foolish.

Oh, and regardless of what you say, I would remind you that I've fought threap in challenges 4 time in my life. Three times he ran off and retracted, once I killed him. The next one on one fight I had was this recent one, in which he didn't touch me.

Threap enjoys running in with friends, or as one logs on. That, I would say, is the mark of a fighter not up to battling a prepared enemy. Perhaps he wishes to be known as such... I certainly would not.

Fistandantilus, Prince of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1075.