This coming from a Cavalier (read the help file, you'll get a better understanding

of what they really stand for) who killed me a dozen times the first two

nights I came back from the netherworld, with no health potions and 70 health?!!

ROFL. And you even THINK that I can tell that just because you are linkdead

and you have 100 triggers going off at once that I can tell in the slightest

in my feeble mortal powers whether you are still online or not especially when

its happened more than once? Save your goddamn excuses, Lance.

I've beaten you when you weren't linkdead and very much alive, this doesn't

change anything except your ability to remain entirely truthful.

Its important for everyone to know the whole story before you blab away and

defend actions that have no rightful defense.

Good friggin day to you, old man.

Agrias Nhym, Slayer of Poor, Defenseless Puppies.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1075.