jab alkaring.

Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinaeto Kal Zakath

You do it, every time we fight, i dont care who else in MY city does it, you should know better.

Team fights, you lie, india zamphere and I shipped you made huzow and renowned lore master run.

Like this example i can name many where our equal teams are slaughtering yours, and you ask for more help, Aryanna, Hannan, Karfredo and I, vs you eldur dirl gaar, you killed all killed me as i rushed at you to see if you would even try and take me al

one deeming killing me with 3 other players in your staves cheep

i was wrong-

You got aerian to help, you came to us in friendly staves he died in 2 secconds flat i had started a cleave on dirl for he had my head and it was all i could do you moved locations portaled or flew away, gaar shipped dirl got away eldur was summoned o

ut by you so was aerian

Then you get threap and zenichiro too. Even though im telling people to go get safe they dont and ofcourse we die to superior odds.

The other day, aryanna fist and I get involved in a fight with you eldur gaar and aerian, no kes, Sir Kes had to see to otherwordly matters

and left

fist left too for the same reasone, im not going to go into how many times i killed gaar despite you AND him chasing me, aryanna was dp and i told her to stay thus for the odds were stupid again I ran around trying to give her time to pick up her stav

es, ones you and gaar died to. and when that was over and i was alone completely you still kept after me with gaar since you couldnt kill me

and i ran outa difussion potion, you aerian gaar and eldur shipped me even though i was alone.

But Thus is the life of a knight

Issue Challenge Zakath

A real one.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Hindyear, in the year 1074.