Joshua, the Quiescentto Raphaim

Raph, nobody in Avalon is a \"bastard. \" The choices are simple--

either be incompetent, and die, or seek competence, and live. Those

of us who don't feel compelled to achieve competence (myself most

included) can't complain about the actions of the more competent.

You can always regain experience through quests and bashes, and

things that get stripped can always be replaced... All the while,

you study your skills, and your abilities grow, and that's the way

of life in Avalon. Behind your back, people may say \"Raphaim is an easy

mark! He doesn't know about witan, he has no pouches, his perception

sucks\" etc., but if you endeavor to ask enough questions of enough people,

they will all eventually get answered. If, like me, you get tired of

asking people questions all the time, then you will be consigned to

incompetence forever. Try new things! Experiment with your skills!

Find those times of day when you can play and the 'bastards' aren't there!!!

These are all valid things that people have told me over the years.

Your government is one of the looser ones, in terms of helping to equip

you. Take advantage of it. And no matter what happens to you, if you're

not enjoying this game conventionally, find a way to make it fun for


Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 969.