thats it im posting about our little fights.

Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinaeto Kal Zakath

Issue challenge zakath, zakath issues back, for ONE HOUR this is what the challenge was basicaly about

aloof, go to me,ls smelting on my person hope to get a one in ten chance of getting something, mount jump out gallop away fly to clouds, the \"help\" i got from the said loremaster was a snake rune i needed to stop him, he alloofed killed the rune and r

an away

Finbar dies to his staves sometime and pyrious gets a bond on him, I ME DUNCCAN ask pyriouse to please eliminate Zakaths wax, pyriouse i thought youd post by now, one hour and 15 minutes later or so after he started to deplete my items, yes he didnt f

ight just ran away depleted my items ran away again.

not one jab

one or two lightarcs

I fought the unicorn with a zakth CCC that deplests items. and flies to clouds. after that i told to pyrious to just get the bond back that the challenge was stupid that it was over and i left avalon disgusted

Just using his skills? challenges are about combat, not um waisting my time it took him one hour and 15 minutes to kill an unruned pyramid i had picked off some lore master earlier that day, and my charm. and depleted 50 charges off someof my items T

HAT was my challenge then again thanks to zakath i now know a couple knew ways to get rid of aloof.

oh and ofcourse i obviously moved locations during the challenge, he would stay in the clouds and if i went to just bellow he speed walked to some entry way somewhere that i thought was his guild

get blue potion from pack put locked doors between us, IN a challenge is that not cheeting or what? dont question my honor zakath i was happy to let your broodish disgusting umm. fighting style go on ignored just making fun of you with good fighters

and deities who laugh at you.

Think before you post, Zakath, no body in avalon doubts my honor think about it, ive offerd to suicide after accidently jumping others in challenge. many can atest to that, I AM a knight and you. are nothing. nothing

Sir Dunccan, The Lion of Mercinae.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1074.