Kal Zakathto Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinae

How wrong can one person be in one day... firstly I am not a baron. Secondly

whilst you may have had these ideas about strategy in your brain I am the one who

had the intelligence to put my ideas into a useable format and post them for everyone

to debate about on the elders bb. Anyone following the the evolution of warfare from the

elders bb can easily see that.

Secondly despite being the youngest FM in history, you have also been one of the worst.

(Orinoko being the one who messed up more than you did) As for daring me to march

on mercinae. I did so with Aerian and Yairi via the riverways. have you forgotten

already?? Ahh. that helmet again.

Lastly I believe YOU are the one who is a loser as you are impotently unable to whip your

citizens up into a decent group of people. we often fight in teams, sometimes mine is larger,

sometimes yours is. but inevitably you whine and moan about how you fought alone

when indeed karfredo, aryanna, hanann, are standing right beside you.

Learn to count.



Written by my hand on the 15th of Midwinter, in the year 1074.