Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinaeto Kal Zakath

On the warfare debate, but i had whined to apollo WAY before any such debate on the bb and talked over with ananta about facing, fieldmarshall new comands and priviledges, ananta if i recall came up with formations when we were talking.

One of the many things i whined to apollo was the lack of strategy involved he said there was strategy it just wasnt in the files that i should have tried something else during the parrians, i see the error of my ways now, i also metiond the power of

seers to affect warfare.

Zakath when the parrian invasion occured you were nothing, your a baron now cudos to you, i was the youngest Field Marshall in mercinaen history and dispite our loss they asked me to come back as field marshall. I DARE you to march on mercinae youll s

ee what i have in store for you.

Bbye, you loser thank, you are the worse of a new breed the Thak huggie. you sit and hug yourself safe inside stock rooms and even though you recieve challenges you never answer no you dicide to jump me with 2 or 3 others how loser can you get?


Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1074.