Twice now, you have stated that there is a 'reason why the restriction from

engaging in mutual challenges exists. If by 'reason' you mean the cause, I

know the cause. If by 'reason' you mean rationale, please inform me, it may

alter my opinion. Otherwise, i believe you are making a distinction without

difference. If the sole purpose of mutual challenges is to give public

notice of the fact, thereby invoking the unwritten rule that you do not

jump mutual combatants, and that notice is not provided publicly, but provided

privately, then there is no substantive difference.

Your analogy is flawed. No rule, written or otherwise, prevents me from

taking the tankard as someone stands there typing out get tankard. Therefore,

you faile to incorporate a key feature to your analogy.

I await your informing me for the rationale, so that I may reconsider my

position. When you do, tell me also, if you knew I was engaged in a spar

with another, but we had not issued challeges at all, would you still jump?

I remain convinced you would not, because you would honour the mutual combat

between the two. If I am wrong, inform me.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.