Sugna -- I am unaware of any written rule or decree that prevents mutual

combatants from being jumped while engaged in a mutual challenge. If I am

wrong, I welcome from anyone a reference to such written decree.

To my understanding, the rule is unwritten. The technical requirements of

issuing challenges serves only to publicize the event, and give notice to all

that the combatants are engaged in mutual combat. If it is not publicized

in this fashion, I agree, the mutual combatants open themselves up to the

possibility of being jumped. IF, however, the jumper is on notice that the

combat is mutual and is a mutual challenge -- depsite it not being publicly

disclosed in 'challenges', then the act of jumping with that knowledge is no

different than if it had been publicly disclosed through technical issuance.

It remains the act of a coward, and remains a personal embarassment.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.