Evil Aerianto Finbar, Spirit of the Stag

You are misleaded if you two believe that I will let you walk the streets of my City when you constantly

attack me in teams and refuse to fight challenges or duels.

Finbar did indeed issue a challenge to Edgtho but Edgtho did not return the challenge and hence it was not a mutual

challenge. I am in the Order of Retribution and if there are sins against my person and city then the retribution

will be ten-fold.

Make no mistake, I have I am Thakrian, I lust power, I am Evil and I seek to destroy all enemies of Thakria without


Your insults, and grievances mean nothing to me. You were not in mutual challenge, a deity was in the land at the time

and you suffered retribution from a Thakrian so you should feel proud that at least you died to a worthy opponent.

Evil Aerian, Thakrian and Follower of Vengence

Written by my hand on the 17th of Agamnion, in the year 1071.