Orinoko, The Renegade Wombleto Kal Zakath

The balance between mage and knight isnt really that close with armageddon, as soon as you have ricketts the knight will never get in the damage. Yes, this is curable, but along with everything else even an only competent mage should survive.

This is the core of my argument, a mage should not die in armageddon to a knight, now I admit that a mage will always a certain difficulty in killing pretty much anybody, but I find it very difficult to see how a mage loses to a knight in armageddon s

hort of incompetence or a lucky cleave.

I have never said I think that the mage skills should be changed or that they should not be convergable or any of the other things stated. I have merely said I think that mages have a more than balance advantage in a 1-1 challenge, and that they are T

WO man rituals and therefore I wont accept challenges from mages in such situations.

It's my opinion, it's my way of playing it, if you dont like it? tough


p. s. Zakath - I believe that Jhor was specifically prohibited, I remember his groan at the beginning

Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1071.