Orinoko, The Renegade Wombleto Kal Zakath

To help you, the last 2 gem quests in which I have been involved in have had mages with only single rituals in the one on one stages of the competition

Interestingly, Jhor made it through to the final 'group' stage against Blueskull, using only these one on one rituals and en route beat the much lauded during this conversation, Krill.

Id state that no mage should die to any knight, loremaster, bandit or thief when using double rituals. Armageddon is as bad as a knight jj'ing at you only there is no fullparry, deadening makes you too slow to beat a mage, truealkar gives you respite

to heal up if you need it whilst your opponent suffers etc.

I think the proof in the pudding should be as a couple of the more promising young mages (not moaning old mages) have said. BALANCE, meerkat does not use double rituals against people who are his size, since it is fair and it's possible for him to bea

t them without them.

A 14+ ult mage using double rituals for example in a challenge is ridiculous, they should not lose, the only reason they lose is their own incompetence. I personally didnt think Jhor was the world's greatest fighter, however on the way to winning his

gem, he certainly beat some of the worlds greatest fighters and not only that? he didnt use double rituals.

If you think it's right to use double rituals in a challenge go ahead, dont bother challenging me though unless you're significantly smaller than me, a challenge is supposed to be a fair fight, not a competition against someone with significant advant

age over me. If I want that sort of competition, Ill wait until I can get a similar advantage and Ill jump you.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Springflower, in the year 1071.