addressing the points.

Kal Zakathto Orinoko, The Renegade Womble

The major point hidden in all of my 'snide remarks' is Blueskulls intention to

attack all sketchers of 2 man rituals whether they are involved in the challenge or not.

This is quite obviously wrong, and will of course invoke an appropriate response. It is this

which you should be addressing.

You will find that mages are not prohibited from using two men rituals in gem quests,

at least not in any I have participated in as a mage in the past. Guidance is quite clearly defined

by how rituals converge or the lack of it. The most powerful of rituals Truealkar does not, whilst

the Armageddon ritual (which I find to be quite harmless if curing properly) is convergable.

Your guildmates attempt to bulldoze his point of view that mages cannot use 2 man rits by attacking

anybody involved in sketching for one is what I object to. Quite simply I do not have the same

opinion as him, and since he has voiced his opinion in a bullying manner, I have replied in order

to make him look as foolish as he has become.

IF mages were not supposed to use 2 man rituals in challenges, competitions, gem quests. what on earth

are they supposed to use them for??



Written by my hand on the 11th of Springflower, in the year 1071.