sad and frustrated people.

Kal Zakathto Evil Aerian

You have to show some compassion for him Aerian, suddenly he has found that

his blades are not quite as loaded with top level poisons as they once used to be and

he's struggling.

So much so, that he can't kill mages unless they are in mutual challenge with other people!! Thats

the most obvious reason why he intends to start attacking mages in mutuals with others.

Anyway the way the realm is, once he starts on others in their mutuals, everybody will start on him

so his Einstein idea suddenly turns out to be less clever.

Just remember that he isn't in the same class as Krill, Orinoko and Lancelot (without his past

seemingly limitless supply of poisons) and so you can feel a little bit of pity for this sad, frustrated

and unskilled paladin.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1071.