Admittedly, I've turned down challenges with you. You can call that lame, but I look at it as much lamer to fight a stand off challenge where the loser is generally the one who gets sucked into rits on the offshoot of sata wearing off.

I had a 2 hour challenge with Sonja at one point, that was relaly the end of my enthusiasm for such fights.

Now, Jarkel, ask Athena what I was doing on Thakrian soil. As I said in my earlier post, I had issued duels and challenges to nearly everyone who eventually attacked me.

I even went so far as to issue a duel to Scar, Dirl and Solan at once, which they refused. So sure, I was sitting in Thakria, but it's not like I hadn't made my intentions clear enough.

And please don't water down the point, that 4 Thakrian fighters wouldn't accept my duels and challenges, and instead saw it fit to team me, not even fighting on their own, but enlisting the help of Zenichiro, who isn't even Thakrian.

Mariah, I am still waiting for you to accept one of my challenges, I've offered them often enough.

Oh, and to boot, this teaming was directly after a mutual challenge... I had planned on bathing the body, but was yanked away by Mariah too quickly to do so.

so don't tell me about lame.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1070.