2man Knights?.

and just when you thought we'd reached the bottom of the barrel in stupidity... *laugh*

You've never seen a potion kill anyone? What about poison potions? Herbs don't kill people, no, but poisons do... hence jegga, kaskamak, karfar... akmar if they depend on healhand to heal themselves, bukandas / grimleaf combos, etc etc etc...

So bring your two knights... I even offered you and foxedup BOTH a duel, YOU refused it... Foxedup was all for it, but apparently you were afraid of death, just as you are everytime you refuse a challenge or duel that is issued by me. So stuff it, oka

y? Just rot there in the pool with only your cowardice for company, or the brief company you get when someone gets shipped.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Skyelong, in the year 1070.