and herbie the ball-less wonder, too.

Kes... you only abusive to one person? HAHAHA, that's a good one... You have a problem, and it's called \"paranoia\" ... you need to smoke some megillos to cure that or something, especially since you hide from your enemies in the pool and behind etells

You're abusive to zenichiro, myself, orielle, drasnia, the gods, everyone but yourself... I think you need to crawl out of your shell for a while, little man, and get a clue

Herbie... You're a coward, pure and simple. I offer you challenge, you are bigger than me, and you hide, using pathetic excuses such as \"I unsubscribed, I'm leaving\" or \"You're not worth my time\" or \"You suck\"

If I sucked, then why are you so afraid to fight me? And you know my opinion on people who have unsubscribed from avalon sticking around

You unsubscribe, you leave... period... you don't sit there and wait around for your credits to lapse, you leave.

Also, that post was intended to start an intelligent discussion between people who actually FIGHT, not just people who hide from anything and everything

That means you, Herbie, and you as well Kes... It must be pretty embarrassing when zakath, orinoko, ghandarin, and zenichiro have no problems with my rits, and killing me in them, yet i can ship you... Hrmmm... interesting, isn't it?

Ender... you bring up good points ... It's not easy for a mage to take the fight to other people... knowing where to fight is 1/2 the battle, knowing how to use the skills that you DO have is the other half

I'll spar with you in a forest location *grin* ... as long as I get to pick it... half of fighting as a mage is keeping someone in your rituals while you and your dragon go at them... I make no bones about it, my skills suck, especially basics. I need

to fight indoors to keep people from simply spurring skyward in order to get out of my range of attack, which is why I'm as immobile as I am

Also, the accusations of cowardice come from people being two and three times my size (as I'm little less than 1/2 someone who's all ult now) running away from me, and never responding to my challenges... Kes is famous for that, He'll not respond to a

challenge, and then call me a coward for \"running away from him\" when he retracts to run to the pool

As for the mutual challenging bit, Kes, using 2man rits is the same thing as using potions that someone else filled for you, or items that someone else charged for you... having a second person in your ritual location, attacking you along WITH the per

son you're in mutual challenge with, now THAT is \"breaking the rules\" as you call it

What about duels? You can put up 2man rits in duels as well, so how the hell do you figure that it's considered an \"abuse\"? So bite me, Kes

You know what else amuses the hell out of me, Kes?

I issued a duel on EVERY mercinaen on and myself... ALL of you vs me, and YOU were the only one to turn it down

now THAT, my friends (and enemies, too) is cowardice


Written by my hand on the 1st of Skyelong, in the year 1070.