2 man rits.

I will answer every point you made about 2 man rits.....

10. A mage shouldn't really die in 2 man rits. If they do - the power rit will act as a backup.

9. Aha - I guess you are right if you have an infinate supply of lestagii. And what a pain lestagii is to use in mists. Also - if you are on the defensive in 2 man rits, say goodbye.

8. If you know the tick of the rituals, you can issue a command and the alkar will come back immediately. Don't forget that power rit will heal mana and health while you do nothing.

7. A mage in 2 man rits and mist should walk over all a knight type. If the knight type is really good, you can just defend.

6. I agree that it isn't teaming, but I would put it down as REALLY lame when used in a challenge or 1 vs 1 duel.

5. Location, location, location - and good use of pills will help - not using mist against lm types really helps against summon too.

4. They don't hit hard ? Are you crazy ? Armageddon will strip mana away in no time at all. The health loss is probably in the region of 800 / 8 seconds if they don't have blackheart.

3. The fact that you used them in a challenge shows exactly what you character is like.

2. You have ultimate rits and probably ultimate candy too - it's an easy life when you sit in a single location (in white house) with multiple sets of rits up. Get mobile, then you can show everyone how good you are, until then...hush.

1. Depends how defensive you are and your supply of herbs really. If you just sit and do nothing in rits, you're gonne be open to being ordered.

And finally - remember you issue the challenges and EXPECT your foes to come to you ! Get a life, you think your tough.....you go after your foe instead of having so much in your favour.

You are a little pleb, Meerkat. You act tough, spin the talk, whine the whine, but in reality you are a nothing that relies on REALLY biased locations. If you want to have friendly challenges, it's fine...but you want big man challenges and you giv

e big man talk, but still rely on little man tactics.

Aerian also ranks as high on the pleb scale as he uses the same tactics and whines as much as you do. Get used to fighting people bigger than you..... I have been doing so since I lost pw and became an alchemist.


(4 days credit left before you ask)

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1070.