ok you kinda felt the same as me except you didnt leave in as much style, but what you say is true, on my final day as a mercinaean mage i was teamed to shit whilst people in my city sat in halls and pools and barracks. kinda pissed me off. it took a

few sweet words from that temptress Zerina to whisk me away into a life of crime. praise to meerkat because he never did anything as low down as i did, which after a bit of reflection i do apologise for.

and what you say about rituals also strikes a chord, people are fully prepared to sit in a full ritual set targetted to their enemies,not only that they expect you to keep it reinforced and be stood there dazzling them whilst they jj THEIR enemy two o

n one( yes sorry about that Cordon i did make the fight a little unfair but as usual you still killed us both and went back to parrius laughing your head off)

but when ropes a ripping the head from your shoulders and you are just trying to keep alive these people you aid are happy to send a tell \"pool\". gee thanks. never thought of that!

anyway good luck meerkat for you may need it,and anytime you need a bash(god knows i did) gimme a tell

Written by my hand on the 4th of Paglost, in the year 1069.