Kal Zakathto Everyone

Mercinaens constantly moan about how much Parrians help Thakrians even

when it is not strictly true. Unfortunately like Cordon pointed out, they

do not have the intelligence to understand why.

The Meerkat saga highlights this problem and the sequence of events is clear for

anybody with half a brain (therefore excluding Kes, Herbie and Pahn).

First Meerkat leaves Mercinae amicably to join the neutral city of parrius, where

he goes about his business neither bothering springdalians, mercinaens or thakrians.

Then one day when there is a lack of people around for the large mercinaen group to attempt

to slay... they see Meerkat.

The rest is history.

I have no problem with any of it, only that four more posts down the line Kes will

moan once more about why Parrius led by Zenichiro, does not feel so much brotherly love

for his citizens.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1069.