His Holiness the Thieflord Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

I go away for a little bit and Mercinaens start getting a little bolder and try to play a little more. I miss a few things being away. Does Ghandarin still need to come to Thakria with an Artisan in toe? Dunccan settle down a little by now you shou

ld know those threats have been told to many a Thakrian over many years. The weaker quit or move away the great prosper under such things.

Teaming- forever a topic of conversation. Funny thing is so many people have a different definition of what it is. Just fight or become a pathetic quasi immortal pacifist!

Anyway just thought I would drop all you lovelies a line to know I am not completly gone and before long you will have my antics to deal with and enjoy watching me knock the rust off the ole knife and crossbow!


Written by my hand on the 12th of Cloudburst, in the year 1069.