kitchen utencils and all that.

Kettle, black? ring a bell?

Fact is I for one tried all my life to live some semblance of an honor code, another fact is you people beat it out of me, as kurgan learned. It just is not possible, so you wanted me. you are going to get me. If you team me i will team you vehemently

, If you dont, like say lancelot for example and accept challenges you will recieve honor.

Im gona say this one more time on the BB so you understand it blotto, and if you team me once more outside of city and stab me in the back once more this is over. ill forgive you and forget anything ever happend, for the sake of Dio, but only this one

last time. The kitchen is a hot place yes, but ive lived in the oven all my life.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Mournsend, in the year 1069.