and company.

Dreeman, i got tired or waiting. someone picked all the resik locations to two. Im sorry mate.

sepe, i dare you.

Plaman So you gona strip all the lil knights huh? basically thats what your saying. right. wel you and flagg killed me and put leaf runes on my swords to blow em up. when i had one ultimate only. and i couldnt even pick poisons then.

Hypocrit, sewer crawler, you said the bandits DID follow the 25 poison rule that it was al the rogue members or the rangers fault. consider me a rogue member its not knightly policy its my decision. You wana take it out on the squires?

How stupid, and petty, then again. what else can i expect from a lying thief. If the resik is replanted and is let grown to 25 and if people are responsible about how they do things i wont have to do this act. again. if its abused I WILL repeat the p

oison killing. Either act with maturity, or i will act with the same immaturity the abusers do.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Skyelong, in the year 1066.