Dreeman Fye, Oh So Slyto Everyone

Greetings everyone,

It is a shame that the poison-stripping threatened by the Knights

has commenced, especially since I was under the impression that

the Knights, as announced by Sir Foxedup on the GM's BB, had

agreed to take part in a trial period as proposed by myself

on behalf of the Bandits. The trial was to involve the various

poison-picking Guilds in an attempt to allow a selected poison

to grow un-molested to agreeable levels, then to see how well

we could each stick to picking limits. As it stands we are

still awaiting the agreement of the Rangers in order to begin

the trial.

Those of you who inist on poison-stripping before we even get

started on this trial, go ahead. We cannot stop you. However don't

labour under the impression that the leadership of the Bandits

and other poison-picking Guilds are doing nothing. We are simply

waiting for all to agree to this trial so that we can begin

, since there would be no point in only some of us agreeing

to give it a go. And to anyone who is troubled or annoyed that

this trial was being discussed on the GM's BB or wasn't informed

about it, speak to your GMs, who should be keeping you up to

date on the situation. I felt it was best posted on the GM's

BB so as to be able to concentrate on what the leadership,

back by their Guildmembers, had to say on the topic.

Kind Regards,

Dreeman Fye, Bandit Guildmaster

Written by my hand on the 6th of Skyelong, in the year 1066.