Calagan, Brigand of the Grey Woodto Maiya

Your a pretty laughable character('s) Mai... whatever your names are.

I really dont see that I could say anything to you that life isn't already visiting on you threefold.

And as to me never not having RL issues ? was that supposed to insult the person behind Calagan ?, im moving house ? got a problem with that ?. And achievements ?

I've played this game for so long I'll play it exactly the way I f**king want to and some shite mouthed little oik like yourself will never dictate to me how or

when I decide to have bouts of activity. I've done plenty to be proud of in the game and will continue to support and play a role within my chosen proffession as

and when I see fit.

Now I will ask you nicely, 'please stop addressing me in public or private'


Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1066.