this poison thing.

I would love for my pouches and those of my guild to be overflowing with poisons. At one point I even liked the idea of rangers and thieves working together. The only two non city aligned guilds in avalon(Or maybe having members from every city in t

he guild will make others happier as a description). So why then am I and my brethern hesitant on working out something that might benefit us?

First and foremost we are not a giving guild. It is not our wish to help any guild other then our own become the best in the land. To that extent we have and do work with some guilds on things that benefit us and as a side result help them. It is n

ot however our duty to make sure there is enough poisons to go around for everyone to use. As we discussed your first few posts seemed as if you wanted the bandits to help ensure the stocks for the rest of avalon. The bandits do not demand that knig

hts make sure there is enough armour and swords for each of our members, we do not demand the loremasters put up staves every where to aide us in yanking, we do not demand sorcerers to comjure up demons for us nor seers to make puppets for us. We do

not ask the mage profession to place rituals to our enemies to help us. So why then should we go out of our way to use our almost unique ability to pick the higher poisons and help non poison picking guilds?

Next Maiya part of the problem I hate to admit is you. Your 'heart' might be in the right place this time but you have already severed alot of ties and left a foul taste in many people's mouth. You can honestly not be shocked that people are hesitant

to jump aboard and support you. Especially without thinking of what alternative plan you have or how you are going to stab someone in the back. You do have a few sound ideas as the two of us talked briefly but I don't see anyone running to support

you because of your past.

Lastly and probably most important why the thieves are reluctant to work with the rangers on anything. Your guild is weak. That is the simple way to put it. You have no fighters to speak of and those that try are not very good. Your guild has no c

oordination or direction as you have said you have what was it 12 deputy gm's and no direction in the guild. Half your guild chooses pacifism and sells tons of poisons(check the shops and you will see rangers sell by far more poisons overall then ban

dits) or the other half sits in trees turning the land into a chat forum. Your gm (is it ragar still) has shown no signs of inspiration or leadership or setting a direction for the rangers. Instead it appears he and his deputies allow the guild to l

ist aimlessly in the woods. Your weakness is what makes the thieves recoil when they hear work with rangers.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Midwinter, in the year 1066.