La ti da.

Sepeto Maiya

Where in my post did I say I was a great fighter? Where is my post did I say YOU were a whiner? Read it again. I said you make the choice of what you want to be.

And you know what, you sure did beat me. Tore me a new one I think not as most of the fights lasted almost 20 minutes each. In fact the second main reason (1st being I'm a poor fighter) was my lack of Breldiar and your abundance of Kelventari.

In fact our fights point out that herbs might be the problem, not the poisons. What good is it to have 200 erasmus if my challenger has 400 kelventari?

Now I do agree whole heartedly, why the hell does anyone besides Rangers and Bandits have poison ability. That is pure wrong. Hrmm now that I think of it, maybe all Knight type sub skill sets are whacked.

Why should a Knight type be able to portal? There are more skills that don't fit Knight stereo types than any other.

But again the BIG problem is actually getting it changed. This game has fallen into that old trap, it's good enough. And excuse probably soon to be fried ashes, but the game works, it makes money thus there are no problems.

We have been promised several changes small and massive (the islands, seafaring) yet nothing has come from it. This game has basically been the same (except the way you pay for it) since I was born.

I admire you for your attempts, and will back you if I thought it would actually help. But I'm confident it won't.

There has been numerous attempts at creating a new building, called green houses. That would solve Tons of these shortages. But as far as I know, these requests have been completely ignored. Maybe you can ask and see if you get more than silence.

Either way, good luck but remember, I still think your ugly! :)

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midwinter, in the year 1066.