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Maiyato Everyone


Chuckle, a poison bug... in all honesty?? I wouldn't put it past Avalon to have one. The

lock-picking bug certainly added a certain 'spice' to a select few thieves, I assure you that.

Why should there not be a poison-picking bug?? As I see it, a deity could certainly provide poisons

for his followers as well. How they could go about this, I have no clue nor am I brave enough to

venture into the details. Perhaps that is not what is important at this junction but I know that

an interguild wide set of rules and rule enforcement be applied for picking.

is what IS important.

Also, If Plaman evokes essence, he does it either in the sewers or at his temple. Plenty of witnesses

for that.

Threap, however, still seems to be a mystery. Everyone says he cats all day and essences for all

of his lestagii, phoroz, nann and other goodies. The amount he uses would seriously require

weeks worth of essencing. I cat quite often... I haven't seen him yet.

Another good point about the sorcs, as well -- although Necromancy can give Dartanian the ability

to turn to mist and do some other weird shit, I'm not sure if that is a viable excuse for his


Mohrion on the other hand is the wonder of all wonders. He can go superinvisible. He can attack

you while you can't attack him. He has an unlimited amount of resources. If he pulled

1000 erasmus out of his ass and handed it to Plaman, I wouldn't be friggin surprised.

I have my doubts, but I also have my suspicions.

Plaman -

I agree that the higher end poisons should be dealt with by the thieves and rangers only.

I would be more than willing to set up a protocol for our two guilds. Assessing the right for

pacifists to pick or sell these poisons is one of my first concerns. Personally, if you are a pacifist,

you take on the mantle of non-violence for an entire Avalon year. What right then, does that ranger,

animist or mage have to sell dangerous poisons? That's like a person who doesn't believe in

the death penalty selling guns in his/her store.

The fighters should have the right to pick these poisons as well as sell them. The pacifists can

stick to herbs, mining, labours, farming, enlisting, setting up game shows and doing the other

dozens of things available in Avalon to provide their dough.

As Dreeman has not replied to these posts, yet, I suppose I am still looking to you for answers

right now.


Great idea. Now how do you enforce it?


A 30 herb/poison limit would be splendid. But again, ways to enforce this is difficult and some

really good ideas need to be thrown out there. This is a brainstorming opportunity for us all.

I'm quite positive all of Avalon can come up with something reasonable.

Something's got to give, Maiya

Written by my hand on the 29th of Hindyear, in the year 1065.