His Holiness the Thieflord Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

Kes- I would hope very few people outside the bandits and rangers have erasmus. For such a vital poison this one is the rare of the rare and it would be extremly damaging to the fighters in our profession to even consider trying to make it widely ava

ilable. Would be like asking you guys to fight without scythe.

I think somewhere along the line someone got the bandits profession confused with gardners. Our guild does not exist to provide poisons for others. We are not an alturistic guild in the least little bit. I long ago abandon having a shop and trying

to sell poisons because I couldn't keep the demands up placed by others and keep the supplies I need to fight. Still I am approached by others with ridiculous requests for 100's of certain types of poisons. Why would I want to take my time to pick t

hat for you.

I do not speak for the bandits guild as I am no longer gm and support my current gm in any direction he wishes to take the guild, however I will not participate in any 'poison' control agreement that one does not benefit the bandits guild and two turn

s me into a gardner for the betterment of the rest of avalon guilds in fighting. I am greedy, I am selfish I am a bandit. At the moment without being egotistical and stating facts the top fighting thief in the land. I easily use upwards of 40 to 50

poisons in a fight and against a quality opponent or one with awesome triggers I can easily use over 100. I therefore neither have the time or inclination to make sure those without the skill, but with plenty of other offesnive and deadly skills, ca

n get poisons.

I have never to date picked a poison to extinction and I have never forced any bandit to not sell poisons ( I do recommend limiting what they sell and making sure they provide for themselves as it only makes sense.)

Btw Dunccan don't ever give me an ultimatu. Much better players then you have tried and it phases me in the least.

Sorry this is on so long but on a final note I do not think that any of the higher poisons exclusive to the rangers and bandits should be discussed in any poison deal with any other guild aside from our two.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 1065.