you softy you.

We all know you are really a marshmallow plaman, ive seen harder brigand types walking home from kindy school.

As for vaxvarna WE cant pick it as far asi know either

As for phoroz the only knights i EVER see who can actually pick the damn thing is erm. hmm NOBODY lance and threap have trapping the paladins have some but cant pick it

As for resik ok im tired of knights taking the bad rap for it being in such dire straights hey. WE dont NEED poisons to kill 95% of avalon, as a certain pirate from parrius once told me, and the 5% that you do need poisons to kill dont die to the poi

sons we can pick

cept shirolos mabey. btw Kodiak you are officially in the 95% who die to karfar

So here is MY ultimatum if you sewer crawlers, and tree huggers dont start making a deal with your more . erm lazy or overzelouse members i just might let the young knights go wild. wonder how long the resik and phoroz would survive then

Even shirolos would take a beating. dont you think? I love most rangers and respect alot of them too and i think the bandits are cute. But you DO have rogue elements. and in the past a ranger(s) have given out their password to the game so that someo

ne else could pick poisons for themselves

And I know of at least two bandits who were poison picking seconds for themselves. none of these people play anymore. but whats to stop others from doing it

Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1065.