Don't have much time at the moment to make further mention however I would love to see something for erasmus. I had fight yesterday in which I used roughly 80 erasmus.

That is a ridiculously high number with all the erasmus locations down to 2 poisons each and there being all of I think 8-10 beach locations. While kelventari grows in the forest and easily numbers in the 1000's

By the way knights have a limited effect on poisons as do those animist who learn poisons. They can not pick the higher end poisons like nann, blackroot, akmar and a few others.

I will post more thoughts later. Oh and before anyone thinks there is an ok discussion going on between poison picking fighters well here goes Mercinae sucks. Kes is a pool sitter and I am going to roast marshmellows over your burning carcasses in

the remains of what was once cassiandora square. I am the greatest blah blah!


Written by my hand on the 27th of Ilmarael, in the year 1065.