Herb and Poison Growth Within Avalon, Part II.

Maiyato Everyone

Overpicking in Avalon has most likely been going on since the end of the Divine War. I've seen

everyone do it. From animists to thieves, from rangers to knights -- there have always been

those that do it for a quick buck or to hopefully limit the amount available for a specific guild.

However, because of the immensity of Avalon and the amount of locations available for most herbs and

poisons (save the very few snow and tropical locations), there is a disturbing trend of laziness

and apathy towards understanding the natural ability of our land to replenish itself.

Those who wish not to explore the land and experience Avalon in its entirety limit themselves to an

area of herb and poison growth and then proceed to act in a parasitic manner.

Today I spoke with Kylie of the thieves. She claimed that if there are poisons in a location that

are down to a density of 10 or under, she will pick it all the way down and then replant one so that

the location doesn't go completely barren. Without resorting to a violent bloodbath, I realized

how misinformed this poor thief was.

The amount of time it would take for that location to regrow to at least 10 herbs would AT MINIMUM

require a 240 hour wait. That's a week and a half, 10 days. Just for it to reach 10 again.

Now little do you all realize that if you just let it grow, you would be able to pick more of that

herb/poison in a lesser amount of time. Such are the conclusions of my experiment, and such are

the ways of nature and its balance. The delusion thoughts of, \"Well if I don't pick it now,

somebody else will and then I'll lose out,\" are merely impatient excuses we all make to justify

our overpicking.

I calculated that the amount of lestagii that could be available to the herb-picking guilds

if we didn't overpick, would be somewhere around 750-800 lestagii per real life week.

Now obviously, there is very little hope of using the 'honour' system in Avalon to ensure that this

would happen. Therefore, I propose a new approach.

To start, I would suggest a tri-alliance between the rangers, mages and animists involving herb

picking and likewise between the rangers, thieves and knights.

There are too many ways and means of achieving this and I am open to all suggestions. I have

many of my own as well. For those pacifists that cannot read these posts, I apologize and I hope

your brethren will copy it for you to read. And for the fighters who may wonder why it is that

there has been no name-calling or insulting, I'd like to point out one enlightening fact:

Slagging is not a prerequisite to being a good fighter, nor for writing upon this board.

A treaty or doctrine of some sort needs to be established between our guilds. One that is binding,

but one that is all-encompassing and equally respectful of our guilds. A doctrine signed by

the every Guildmaster and upheld by every member. A doctrine which deals punishment to those who

would go against nature's equilibrium swiftly and appropriately. A doctrine that would ensure

the growth of each of our guilds the young players whom we rely on to keep Avalon going and

eventually take our place.

I believe the time has come to put aside our differences and organize our guilds understanding of

keeping nature in balance.

I would do nothing less for any other world I lived on.

For those interested, tell/msg/post to me, please.

Walking the tightrope, Maiya

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 1065.