You been paying attention man? I will give you the credit due gaining back some of your lost SOI(although very little of it).

Mercinae did well taking advantage of certain situations to gain some soi. You are still down what 200 or so to us?

If you notice your battleactions for the past few weeks then you know that Mercinae continues to lose more troops then Thakria. Funny you attempt to be the master of lies spreading your own propeganda to sway folks.

However you just arn't very good at it. Even the worst lie needs a little truth in it to be believed.

Anyway I look forward to continuing to beat down your army over this next month and take those happy images with me as I depart from the land for a short time. Perhaps while I am gone you will finally have the success you fantasize about at the pool

Kes but somehow I doubt it.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1065.