How's the water?.

You have such a way with words, the way you can throw some sort of profanity in everything you ever say is so cute. The way you write so much yet say so little and still say the same things over and over again. Is this

what you do all day as you swim in the pool only to emerge when you are the only one on that is in your peers list (yes this is rare)

Kes loves to yap about parrius and the artisans guild and everything else, but you never hear him talk about his own city and own guild that he so greatly represents, his cute way of profanity that we all have enjoyed. You know the city of Mercinae a

nd Guild of Knights that think he's so great while he sends hundreds of tells of profanity to men and women alike.

We salute you kes, everyone 1 finger salute.

Tukar, points at Kes and laughs

Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1064.