Master Satan.

Oh teach me your ways oh evil one. I want to be one of your disciples!!!

On a serious note can anyone with a brain deny that since Zenichiro has been Parrian they have experienced a level of success not seen in that city since at least before I existed and perhaps longer. (Btw this isn't to put down the other custodians who

have done whatever for parrius). The richest city, largest army, perhaps the largest comm supply and a decent amount of citizens. Sure sounds like Zenichiro has torn up the city. As opposed to when Catt and Conan ran the city and Parrian troops we

re stationed far away from home, Parrius was losing SOI, had almost no citizens and was just plain pathetic.

Zenichiro may be a master of lies and if he is satan then sign me up. However no rational(I know rules Kes out) thinking Avalonian can deny that Zenichiro has helped and played a major part in turning a city that once closed without a troop marched o

n it into a modern powerhouse that influences all the other cities in avalon's decision and moves.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Agamnion, in the year 1064.