Tukar's Second.

Its quite obvious now that Tukar is your second, because the both of you

share the same mental capacity of a titmouse.

I believe one of the Gods decreed that NO ONE should accuse ANYONE of being

a second or it would be dealt with harshly. Apparently, this isn't true.

So all of you accuse everyone of being somebody's second, since it makes

the game SO much more worthwhile.

While you're at it, make OOC comments and talk about real life issues like

the Israeli offensive and George Bush's drinking problem. You know,

I haven't heard a good Monica Lewinski joke in a long time.

And speaking of drinking problems, I hope Tukar is at that Las Vegas meet

so we can all see just exactly what a rageaholic actually looks like in

his wife-beater t-shirt.

I encourage all of you to print tabloids and spread juicy gossip about

each other, because it only adds to the flavour of Avalon. Changing it

from a pure fantasy realm into a chatroom is what the Gods intended, I'm sure.

Your behaviour and accusations are obviously supported by the Gods while

mine are eternally disfavoured. I appreciate all that has been said by

you Dartanian. You make it too easy for us to step 'outside' the roles

we play and back into something much less imaginative.

From all of us in Avalon, Thank you. Thank you Dartanian.

Where would this world go without you to misdirect us.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Agamnion, in the year 1063.