Lorebreaker Elysiumto The Plaman

First of all I apologise wholeheartedly for attempting to attack plaman within Damocles' Temple. The second I realised he had used HP return and not simply moved location, I broke off the attack and left. One should always check where you're portallin

g to, but it was the heat of a battle. My apologies once again Damocles.

Now, \"The Plaman\". Where do we begin ? Do I mock you for initiating an attack in Parrius which when it starts to go against you, makes you decide not to escape via pill, running or acrobatics, but instead use High Priest skills to return to instant sa

fety ?

No, but I'm sure we can all remember your complaints about Allanon allegedly \"abusing\" HP powers when fighting in Thakria.

Do I mock you for standing on a triple marked spot and attacking me ? No. It's an act so far beneath contempt it isn't worth mocking.

I'm just going to ignore you now. Either one of those tactics would be considered lame, to initiate an attack, escape using HP return, then attack from divine safety, goes so far beyond pathetic, you aren't worth anyone's attention anymore.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1061.