I think 'coward' just about sums that one up Kes.

Earlier today I walked in on Blotto in our small shop off Trader's and she immediately attacked me and took me to pe to kill me.

I fought as well as I could, but was far too small to really make a fight of it. She cleared off to Up above the clouds when 'someone' came to lend me a hand (never did find out who you were, but thanks!) and I was just telling to stygar that I was ok

when she came back and started on me again.

This time I died and when I res'd she was there again and started on me again. It was at this point that stygar (or one of the others who were there, sorry guys, I'll give a name check on the next post) summoned me to the Pagoda where rits where up an

d one or two other players were waiting. Blotto came in once or twice after me but eventually shipped. *cheer*

So, yes. A coward, definitely. Perhaps I looked like easy pickings, but I'm glad to say that I have friends in this city and was not. But without those friends I would've shipped and I'm sure she knew it. Thanks again guys!

Grateful to his friends Whitefox - Looking over his shoulder

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1060.